Reasons for Buying an Ice Cream Maker

You’ve probably heard how great the homemade ice cream from an ice cream maker is, and you may have even tried some and fallen in love yourself. But now you’re wondering, should I be on the market for an ice cream maker? What makes someone a good candidate to be an ice cream maker- owner? Checkout top 10 ice cream makers in UK here.

There could be many different reasons for buying an ice cream maker. Some of them may be practical: you can’t find the kind of ice cream you or a family member need, such as lactose-free ice cream, or ice cream that a diabetic could eat. Someone in your family may have an allergy to a commonly found ice cream ingredient or preservative, and that may prohibit you from being able to buy ice cream regularly. Making your own ice cream with ingredients of your choice would be a perfect solution to any of these situations.

This goes hand in hand with wanting to ensure that the desserts that your family consumes are healthy, since you don’t always know and you have no control over what commercial ice cream manufacturers put into the ice cream your family eats.

Another great reason to purchase an ice cream maker is to add class and flair to your entertaining repertoire. If you are a gourmet chef and want to create your own “designer” ice cream for parties or special occasions, this is a great tool for you. Having an ice cream maker opens worlds of possibilities of frozen dessert creations. There are many styles of frozen desserts, each with their own texture, style, ambiance, and even culture. Custard based ice cream is expected in French cuisine. Gelato ice cream is known to be Italian. Sorbet is appropriate for an elegant dinner, while novelty desserts are best for young crowds. With your own ice cream maker, you can combine unique textures and flavors to create striking masterpieces for any and every special occasion.

Some other satisfied ice cream maker owners purchased theirs because they were looking for a fun and memorable family activity that they could enjoy doing all together and that produces some delicious results. Ice cream is an all-time winner with family events. There’s nothing that says “Party!” like ice cream, and when it’s homemade then you can simply taste the love in it. Especially during the summer, fresh, cold ice cream is something that everyone appreciates. Served at a bar-b-que or brought along to a family picnic, homemade ice cream is the perfect means for creating sweet memories.

It could be that if you are on the market for an ice cream maker, then you are looking to save a little green in your wallet. A family trip to the ice cream parlor can quickly add up to a hefty amount of dough. Making it into a fun family game at home is cheaper and a much better quality bonding family experience.

No matter what your personal reason(s) may be for considering buying an ice cream maker machine, it reflects on your love of ice cream. Once you find the machine that suits your needs and budget, you can be sure it will be the start of a happy and loving relationship! Happy ice cream making!

Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker

If you’re looking for the best homemade ice cream produced from the best home ice cream making experience, then what you really are looking to buy is the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker.

There are lots of kinds of ice cream makers on the market. You’ll find kitschy plastic ones that look like toys, or old fashioned wooden buckets. But if you’re like me and you want the convenience and luxury that modern technology has to offer for top quality ice cream, than the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker is what you need.

Ice Cream Making: History and Today

It is important to understand a bit of ice cream making background. The way ice cream is formed is by the ice cream ingredients being churned in a cold environment so that the ingredients freeze as they are being churned. The reason why this is so crucial is because the churning breaks down the tough ice crystals that form when the ingredients are frozen, which is why it doesn’t work to just mix the ingredients and stick them in the freezer. You need good, strong, continuous churning to create creamy, smooth, delectable ice cream.

In the past, people had to use a lot of energy and a double bucket mechanism to accomplish this: a smaller bucket to contain and mix the ingredients, and a larger one that would provide the cold environment. The larger bucket would have ice and salt rocks to keep in the cold, and the inner bucket would have to be churned by hand for an extensive amount of time as the mixture cooled. It was a long, laborious, and arduous process. But thanks to technology’s progress, all that work can be a thing of the past. The Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker allows you to make delicious, homemade ice cream any time, in any amount, with the flip of a switch.

The Advantages of the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker

As a top of the line, commercial ice cream maker, the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker contains its own compressor – meaning that it has its own freezer mechanism built inside. No need to prepare a freezer bowl a day in advance or to make sure you have any rock salt or ice on hand. Everything you need is already taken care of. All you have to do is pour your ingredients into the machine’s bowl, insert the dasher (churning paddle), and turn it on. It even has its own timer to turn itself off when your ice cream is ready.

The industrial quality motor powers the churning in a continuous and even pattern, mixing all the ingredients into a uniform mixture and continuing to whip the ingredients during the entire chilling process. The results are professional consistency and heavenly texture that you and your family and friends will enjoy. Only with this supreme quality can you and your loved ones revel in the pleasure of your ice cream as you create the sweetest of memories.

The top of the machine sports a transparent lid that also contains an ingredient spout. This fabulous lid allows you to watch the magic of your ingredients becoming ice cream, which is a favorite pastime for kids, or those of us who will always be kids at heart! Additionally, the ingredients spout allows you to add all kinds of exciting trimmings to your ice cream as it mixes. Some all time favorites are chocolate chips, cookie dough bits, fruit chunks, syrup swirls, and candy pieces, but you can be sure that you’ll be inspired to enjoy all kinds of delicious add-ins as time goes on.

The machine, of course, is made from top quality materials. Its body is all stainless steel, which has many outstanding qualities. First of all, it looks schick and elegant in any kitchen, shining like a silver ornament. Second of all, it is strong and durable; it will hold up to the wear and tear of years of use, even in a group setting or with rambunctious kids. In addition, this machine comes with a three year limited warranty, ensuring you that you’ll have many years of satisfied use out of this product.

The inner pieces of this product are simple and easy to assemble. They insert and remove from the machine with ease and are hand washable making clean up a breeze.

Having your own home ice cream maker allows you to have delicious and impressive homemade cold desserts whenever you want. This machine can create anything from slushy milk shakes to healthy frozen yogurts, fruity sorbets, dreamy gelato, or classic, decadent ice cream. There’s nothing that compares to the richness of your favorite ice cream and nothing that compares to the satisfaction of having made it yourself.

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