Manual Treadmills : Should One Settle for It

The treadmill is today’s most popular piece of exercise equipment. For people who want to stay in shape, a treadmill is a simple, easy-to-use equipment that can help you attain a healthier body. There are two kinds of treadmills – a manual treadmill and an electronic treadmill. Their main difference is that a manual treadmill has no motor. A manual treadmill is also known as a passive treadmill. It works very simply by using the user’s force in order to resist his motion. In short, the person is the one powering the treadmill. If you want to buy top and best treadmills in India then read this complete article.

Most people would recognize a manual treadmill just because of its cheap price. In fact, manual treadmills are very cheap, they cost around ten times less than their electronic counterparts. This is because they don’t have the frills that are associated with motorized treadmills. Basically they function only to do one thing, and that is to give you a running or walking workout. The cost of a manual treadmill ranges from $150 to $400, while an electronic usually one sells for $800 to $2500 and even much more. The huge price disparity may make one consider buying the cheaper manual one. With so many treadmills available in the stores, Choosing the right treadmills is a time consuming task.

But manual treadmills can bring more disadvantages than benefits. Due to its limited features, it can put your knees and hip joints to strain. Prolonged usage of a manual treadmill may lead to complicated joint problems since this machine relies solely on a person’s legs in order to run. Also, one needs a lot of inclination in order to move a manual treadmill, and once it moves it is very difficult to change its inclination, unlike the electronic version. Also, the construction of manual treadmills are less stable as well as inferior to the electronic ones. This is the reason why it is cheaper. You’ll spend more time and energy without coming up with results in using these manual treadmills.

Manual treadmills don’t have any additional features except for the purpose it was built for. On the other hand, the electronic versions offers services like electronic incline adjuster, speed adjustments, programmed workout, as well as multiple workouts. It helps one keep track of his/her workout by showing the calorie counter, heart rate monitor, as well as the distance covered by running or walking on the treadmill. Most of your energy is spent on exercising on the electronic treadmill. Since you have to keep up with the speed of the motor, your muscles exert more effort which leads to more calories burnt. This is why an electronic treadmill is more expensive.

Also, an electronic treadmill offers better after-sales service than a manual treadmill. This is due to the inferior quality of the manual treadmill. The high end electronic treadmills even offer lifetime warranty on their parts so one has complete peace of mind when purchasing a motorized treadmill.

Overall, a manual treadmill can’t keep up with an electronic treadmill in terms of features, construction, and after-sales service. The only great thing about a manual treadmill is its price, but you’ll only get what you paid for. What’s worse is that your body will suffer in the long run with it. So it would be wiser not to invest in a manual treadmill if you are serious with your workout.

Choosing the Right Treadmills

There are many reasons why someone may be buying a treadmill…to lose weight, to walk, to run, or to rehabilitate. The aim of this treadmill buying guide is to help you simplify the selection process by narrowing down your options so you can choose a treadmill that will suit your needs. When we talk about a gym, treadmill plays the most vital role among all the mean machines you should have in you arena. Buying a treadmill can be one of the most sensible investments for health you can make. The display is an LCD digital readout giving you useful information – your running speed, total distance travelled, time and so on. This really sounds silly, but why are you thinking about buying a treadmill? Decide who will be using it. However (and this is a key tip) don’t judge your needs based on what you want to average – it’s your top speed which counts. These goals will help you to decide what you are looking for in a treadmill. In fact, it came about when I was looking at buying a treadmill myself. Well, a treadmill becomes an important part of your workout routine especially when you are focusing on cardio workouts.

As regular runners, we recommend treadmills more than any other exercise equipment. The console controls, usually surrounding the display, let you switch the display to the numbers you’re most interested in and enter or change the programme. Have you used one in the past? This is important because a single user that weighs 110 lbs. will need a much different treadmill than a family of 4 that has 2 people over 200 lbs. For example, most personal trainers recommend a mix of hard and easy sessions, and even within sessions, they suggest a lot of “interval training” (hard for a minute, slow for a minute, uphill for a minute, and so on). So within this framework, and thinking where your fitness is likely to get to (not what it is now!), what speed will you need? Keep these in mind when looking into the specs and details of each treadmill. I quickly found that with so many brands and models to choose from, it was difficult to settle on one. Buying one might be a heavy toll on your pocket but simple knowledge might help you out with saving at least some bucks.

They are efficient in burning calories, convenient, easy to use, provide an ideal way to manage weight and strengthen, and enhance your cardiovascular fitness. All treadmills have a maximum speed. Do you walk regularly or have you done so in the past? For every regular user above 2 people, we recommend stepping up 1 level in quality (regular use is defined as 3 or more uses a week). We will be discussing quality points in a later in the brochure. Broadly, I recommend to customers to go at least 16kph, and preferably 18kph. Once you have taken time to define your fitness goal, then shopping will become much easier. While most of us would love to be able to buy a treadmill that has all the bells and whistles, a small budget can preclude this. Spending a part of your income in buying a treadmill is definitely going to render your pocket light. But buyers beware! If you’re starting out, a machine that goes up to 12 kilometres an hour (about 7.5 mph) will be fine.

The reason that treadmillstreadmills are so popular and have always been the #1 selling fitness machine is because of two reasons. #1 – They work! #2- It is a natural motion that most of us have done since we were just a year old. This is also equally important. While this sounds fast for most people, they will probably use that speed, even if only for short spurts. You’ll often find treadmills categorized by their primary purpose – walking or running. Such a treadmill won’t necessarily give you a better workout, either. So why not be the best judge and take away the equipment home with confidence. Since treadmills are expensive in India, complex return polices and refund options, poor customer service from the sellers and manufacturers there are more concerns than excitement. As you get fitter, try one that can take you up to 14 or 16kph – if you’re training for an event, you might even want to push it to 18kph. That is why fitness fads come and go but the treadmill is always around and always sells well. If you have a tiny space to place it in, you won’t be able to buy a large commercial unit, even if you can afford it. And it really doesn’t cost much more to get that extra speed.

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