The Complete guide to buy a Toaster

Long Slot Toasters

Toasters have come a long way from your grandmother’s heavy piece of steel. Although it is quite amazing that the heavy piece of steel still works? Hmmm…Toasters of modern days come with all sorts of fun features which sometimes make it feel more like you rare playing with a computer game that a toaster!

One of the best new features which come on new toasters is the option of a long slot toaster. This type of toaster is fantastic for a large family, or anyone who likes to toast multiple pieces of toast at the same time. A long slot toaster can hold four pieces of bread comfortably. You can get one which is also extra wide. This toaster will toast four bagel slices at the same time!

These toasters are nowhere near as heavy as grandmas. They will usually range from five to ten pounds, making them portable if necessary. You can also get it to match your kitchen. In colors varying from white and grey, to black, stainless steel to blue, you will find one which fits into your kitchen very well.

Your toaster might come with some really neat functions. One of the best ones of these is the bagel function. When you turn this setting on, the toaster will toast the inside of the bagel and just warm the outside, leaving you with a perfect bagel. It also may have a defroster function. If you freeze your bread then you must have this, it perfectly defrosts and toasts your bread in one try!

Here’s another one: do you toast English muffins, or anything else smaller like that? I know you don’t like to stick a fork, or your hand into the toaster to get it out. New toasters come with a high lifting mechanism which will pick up the smaller toast from your toaster and let you pick it right up.

The slots can be adjusting, which is great so you don’t lose those little breads and also so you can fit in the bigger ones. Trust me, if you haven’t upgraded your toaster in a while, it is now the time to do so, you won’t believe the options and abilities you will have. If you are looking for good quality toasters in india then this guide will help you in finding the right toaster.

Buying guide

Making toast isn’t the most advanced culinary achievement,With variable heat controls as well as reheat and defrost functions in a contrasting grey finish,These days we’re all able to keep ourselves well fed due to the convenience of different types of bread machines/toasters. Posing no limitations with your toasting capabilities, the Manual Control Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster is perfect for toasting larger breads.You have 2 slice toasters, 4 slice toasters and even different specialty toasters such as hot dog makers/egg makers designed to help you get food at your convenience.However, as we dove into the art of toasting we were surprised by the latest advancements in technology, features, results, and aesthetics. this easy to use toaster with its sleek design is perfect for all toast loving homes.Our 4 and 2 slice toasters turn contents golden brown in minutes so you’ll never have to skip the most important meal of the day again.The market is filled with countless high-quality products, so which one should you get?Here’s a,brief description of the three main categories of toaster.

Really, this just needs to cook bread lightly, to singe and toast it from each side, Save space on your counter with the 4-slice long slot toaster, and enjoy the versatility to toast just about any kind of bread, bagel and more. Nowadays, it’s getting more and more difficult to buy the best 4 slice long slot toaster.The most important part of a buying process is a thorough research, so be sure to go through some descriptions and consumer reviews in order to get the right unit.Toasting technology isn’t exactly super complicated, not like a coffee extraction system or a blender. Whether you need to toast paninis or heat ciabattas, this toaster has a wide range of functionalities to match your toasting preferences, helping you to feed many mouths during breakfast or snack time.These items weren’t always so easy to use nor were they top notch, but all of that has changed now.To make matters easier, check out the buying guide we’ve put together if you just need something that works, you’ve found the right a basic toaster only needs to reliably perform a single function to be considered good.


Six Valuable Tips Before Purchasing a Convectional Microwave oven

It is hard to find a home without some sort of a kitchen. On the other hand, a room cannot be considered a kitchen if it does not have kitchen appliances. On of the most vital appliances a complete kitchen must have is a convection microwave oven. However, not all such microwave ovens are the same in quality and other aspects. If you want to buy high quality microwave ovens in india then surely this guide will help you.

Since the invention of the microwave technology, many companies have ventured into the manufacture of these kitchen appliances. From a far, all convectional microwave ovens appear to be state-of-the-art and highly performing. However, this is not the fact on the ground. Some brands are obviously better than others. If you are interested in finding the best convection microwave, here are some factors you have to take into consideration.

1. The Microwave Oven’s Capacity 

Convection microwaves are not one size fits all’. They come in many different sizes depending on the manufacture’s specifications. The capacity to choose should be determined by the kind of foods you need to cook, bake or grill in the microwave, the size of your family as well as the size of your kitchen countertop among other factors.

If you love to cook large foods like whole turkey or chicken then you will need a microwave oven large enough to accommodate these foods. If you have a large family then you will also need capacious microwave so that you can cook food enough for the entire family once. It may not be wise to go for a large microwave is you have limited kitchen countertop.

2. The Design Of The Oven 

The convection microwaves come in many different designs depending on the brands. Even within the same brands there are different models featuring different styles and designs. The kind of microwave oven you choose is entirely up to you but if you like style then you will want one that matches your kitchen interior designs imperceptibly and adds to it elegance.

Luckily, most manufactures are trying to produce designs that match the various types of kitchen countertops installed in homes. You can use the interior design of your kitchen, especially the countertop in order to lead you in choosing the right design that will complement your kitchen even as it serves you optimally.

3. Energy Consumption 

In this time of financial crisis and global warming, energy efficiency is vital in appliances using electricity. These microwave ovens have different wattages with some being high consumers (upto 1800 watts) while others use as low as 900 watts. While energy consumption may be proportional to the performance of the microwave, it is possible to find a more energy efficient one yet still reliable.

You need to look for a convection microwave that is energy efficient. If you are not good with these issues then you can research on the internet or consult someone to let you know how to go about choosing the microwave oven that is highly energy efficient. Just because a product is branded, energy efficient does not mean it really is.

4. Performance And Controls 

What makes one convectional microwave superior to the others is its performance. The questions you should ask yourself when shopping include those about the defrost time, whether it has grill function and whether it has multi-stage cooking. Other considerations are the preset cooking options it features as well as the controls.

A great convection microwave oven should feature  short defrost time, should have grill function and should provide multistage cooking. Another feature is that such microwave oven needs to have many present cooking options to offer variety to your cooking. When it comes to controls, the best convectional microwaves should have some easy to use control panel with functions that anyone in the house can understand and operate.

5. The Selling Price 

A person’s purchasing capacity is based only on the amount of money they have in their possession. In other words, you can only purchase what you can afford. One common misconception is that expensive is always quality. This has misled many people into purchasing products at exorbitantly high prices only to find that they are no better than the cheaper alternatives.

With adequate research, it is possible to find a very high quality, reliable and dependable microwave oven at highly competitive prices. The inception of online retails stores such as Amazon, eBay and the rest has made it possible to compare the prices of many products of interest all at the same time. All these stores give descriptions, prices, features and specifications of the products.

There are also customer reviews from which you can infer the qualities of the different top models of convection microwaves. The best way to get high quality microwave oven at competitive prices is to take advantage of the numerous offers (such as coupons, discounts as well as vouchers) put forth by the retailers or manufacturers of these important kitchen appliances.

6. Durability And Warranty 

It may be difficult to known the durability of a product, as all manufactures will tell you such products will last you a lifetime. The best way to known whether what they are saying is true is to go to the online forums where customers who have been using the product before share their experiences. There are such forums all over the internet.

Another sure way is to gauge to amount of faith the manufacturers of these products have put on their microwave ovens. This you can infer from the number of years’ warranty the product comes with. The longer the warranty, the more durable the microwave oven is likely to be. Choose the appliance with a longer warranty period. This will also cushion you from manufacturing anomalies that may show up with a few months of use.


If you use the six tips discussed above, then you can be sure you will take home the convectional microwave oven you have been dreaming of. The best place to start your search is the internet as this media has rich information on almost anything you might be interested in. Take your time and get the best.