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Even if you have a new house and everything is done, you may still experience the feeling that something is missing. Remember those friends of yours who told you about the tankless water heater? A very good choice, and this website is all about tankless water heaters.

The most important thing when you buy a tankless water heater is to know if you want an electric heater or a gas heater. If you have a big house, with more than one bathroom, you will need a large unit that can keep up with the heating. The best choice would be a gas heater because the capacity is much higher and it can heat the water way faster then the electric heater. If you are looking to buy a water heater, then checkout best waters heaters in India here.

On the other hand, if you have a small apartment you will only need the electric water heater. It can handle one bathroom. It’s better to choose an electric heater for a small house or apartment because they are smaller then the gas heaters and they can be installed much easier. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest advantage that tankless water heaters have from the standard water heaters is that they heat the water only when you need it. This can help lower the gas or electric bill a lot. When you turn up the water in the bathroom for example, the water starts flowing into the heat exchanger that instantly heats the water to the desired temperature. Another good thing is that the tankless water heater never runs out of hot water.

An important thing you should consider when buying a tankless water heater is what brand to choose. If you don’t know where to start here, the safest way is to check each brand how much warranty they offer. Read the great variety of articles on this subject also. Tankless water heaters are relatively new only in America, because Europe and Japan have introduced them for quite some time now.

Now, inform yourself about the different types of tankless water heaters, and any other subject by browsing through different articles on our website. Enjoy your stay here!

Main Features Of The Bosch Aquastar 1600p

The Bosch 1600P gas tankless water heater is another product that comes from the Aquastar line. It is perfect for household appliances that need hot water or for only one major appliance. The performance is as high as the 125HX heater’s; the only difference is that it has a standing pilot. You can buy this model for natural gas or for propane.

This gas tankless water heater has an average efficiency of 78%. The lowest flow rate is 0.5 gallons per minute. The detail that sets it apart from the other models is how much can it raise the temperature of the water and at what flow rate. The highest temperature rise achieved by this model is 90°F at a flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute. The next best temperature rise is 77°F and is achieved at a flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute.

At a flow rate of 2.9 gallons per minute, the temperature that the water can reach is 65°F. The temperature rise of 55°F can be achieved at 3.4 gallons per minute. The lowest temperature rise is of course at the highest flow rate, at 4.3 gallons per minute the temperature rise of the water can only be 45°F.

Bosch has always tried to make the installation of a gas tankless water heater as easy as an electric tankless water heater. Here are some details about the installation: The size of the vent is 5″ and it should be installed vertically. The gas connection type is 3/4″ Male NPT and the water connection type is 1/2″ Male NPT.

The lowest gas pressure this model should have is 5.7″ WC and the highest 14″ WC. If a propane model is chosen, the pressure should be between 10.5″ WC and 14″ WC. The water pressure should be lower than 30 PSI and the highest water pressure shouldn’t go over 150 PSI.

You will get a 12 year warranty on this model for the heat exchanger if it has been used for a single family home. If you used the tankless heater in other circumstances, then the warranty for the heat exchanger will be only 2 years. You also get a 2 year warranty for all the other parts. The price for this model is not higher than $500. It is perfect for household appliances that need hot water or for a single major appliance.

Main Features Of The Eemax Tankless Water Heater

The sale of  tankless water heaters has reached a very high number per year. It is somewhere around 1.7 billion USD. Everybody is changing their old tank based water heaters to tankless water heaters. The American tankless water heater market is growing from 5-10% to 20%. The former represents the gas tankless water heaters, while the latter represents electric tankless water heaters. The EEmax company was founded in 1988 and started with a line of products consisting in tankless water heaters.

Today, EEmax also has an impressing line of tankless water heaters which is divided in commercial tankless water heaters and residential water heaters. The commercial water heaters manufactured by EEmax are: single lavatory, multiple lavatory, kitchen and bar sink, dishwasher booster, commercial booster which provides 2 gallons per minute. Industrial capacity comes in 3 sizes: first one provides 5 gallons per minute, the second one provides 12 gallons per minute and the third one provides 25 gallons per minute, single shower providing 3 gallons per minute, dual shower as high as 5 gallons per minute, mop and utility sink

The residential tankless water heaters are: single lavatory hand washing, kitchen and bar sink, multiple lavatory, dishwasher booster, tub or shower booster (series 2 which provides 3 gallons per minute), tub or shower booster (series 3 which gives an impressing 5 gallons per minute), solar backup booster (series 2 providing 3 gallons per minute), solar backup booster (series 3 which provides 5 gallons per minute), shower wand, single shower for an apartment or a condo (with the power of 3 gallons per minute) and whole house.

Now that you know the line of products, actually what the line of products is for, it has become easier for you to choose the model you want. EEmax sells most of its products through plumbing distributors and wholesalers in the United States of America. You can find all details on the EEmax website. The warranty for the EEmax tankless water heaters is for 1 year if a mechanical or electric failure happened because of bad manufacturing. You get a 5 year warranty for leaks or defects that might appear.

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