Best Hair Dryers to Buy

Wall Mounted Hair Dryers

The wall mounted hair dryers are perfect when you need extra space in your bathroom. These are hair blow dryers that are attached to the wall. Usually they tend to be just a bit smaller than the regular hand held ones.

You can find them in most 4-5 star hotels, health and fitness clubs, however recently more and more homeowners have started using them at home. If you are looking for quality hair dryers, then checkout top hair dryers in India here.

They are really great for saving space in the room. Just think about it, you no longer have to worry about getting the cord strapped around the base or where to put it when you’re not using it. Also an additional benefit of the wall mounted hair dryers is the fact that they are no longer accidentally knocked down from where they’re sitting. I had at least a few such accidents previously with my Super Solano hair dryer, and while luckily the piece was stronger than to break into pieces, other less fortunate ones, just might.

Many people have a wrong impression about these types of hair blow dryers. They think that they have less power than the regular types and that they’re less useful. This is far from the truth. For example most models I’ve seen so far have more than one speed setting, just like the regular types. You can also add a blast of cold air to your hair with the push of a button. So instead of them being less useful, I find them actually more useful.

Maybe the only problem I find with this type is that I can only use them where I mounted them, e.g. in bathroom. However most people use this room to try their hair anyway, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Also another issue is that they are not portable, meaning they can’t be take on a trip. So having a spare one that you can put in your luggage is a plus. Of course, depending on where you go, you might find a wall mounted hair dryer in your hotel room anyway.

Nowadays people like to pamper their bathrooms in making them pretty and modern looking. Usually white is the color of choice, or something that goes well with white. This is an additional benefit of the wall mount hair dryers because they are usually white, so they can fit pretty much any bathroom decor you decide to go with.

Thinking about safety at home particularly with children around, I personally prefer this type of hair dryer. The reason is that the electrical components of it are safely housed on the wall, so the dangers of accidentally coming in contact with water (think shower, or bathtub) are pretty slim. They cannot be moved from their mounted location, so the hazards of shocks in a wet bathroom are close to nil.

When you are looking to buy one of these bathroom gadgets, you will see that most respectable manufacturers, including Solano, Sunbeam, Conair and Andis have wall mounted hair dryers in their product catalogs.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

When you are looking at tourmaline hair dryers, you should be safe in knowing that they are made of pure crushed tourmaline mineral.

Tourmaline is a precious stone used mostly in jewelry making, however it is also used in making hair dryer components. This is because tourmaline is the best ionic and infrared generator that helps tremendously when it comes to hair blow dryers.

A bit about the history of tourmaline. The name comes from Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) word tura mali which means the stone of mixed colors. You can indeed find tourmaline in many different colors, including light and dark brown, yellow, blue and neon blue, lime, green, red, purple, pink and even clear. The stone was apparently first discovered by some Dutch traders close to the coast of Italy somewhere in the 1600-1700s. There are many stories about tourmaline properties, and one that is repeated again and again is that if you take a piece of tourmaline and wrap it in silk and pu  tit against the cheek of a child with fever, it will bring the child to sleep.

Sometimes people wonder why tourmaline hair dryers are so expensive. One reason is that tourmaline by itself is an expensive stone. For example one carat can cost up to $10,000. The properties of negative ions combined with infrared are perfect in giving you the best results when using a tourmaline hair dryer.

Some of the benefits of using tourmaline hair dryers are listed below.

  • Very fast hair drying action. Due to the negative ions breaking down the water molecules in tiny particles, they are easier to evaporate which allows for faster hair drying time.
  • Also the negative ions are responsible for closing the cuticles and thus giving the hair a nice shiny and smooth texture, as well as locking in the natural moisture of the hair.
  • Extra moisture is added due to the small particles so they can easier penetrate the hair shaft.
  • There is no damage to the hair due to the action of hair drying. Usually regular hair dryers tend to damage the hair and create split ends and very dry hair. Due to the tourmaline crystals, the hair is kept healthy and shiny even after several uses. Users no longer experience frizz and dry hair after using this type of hair dryer.
  • The hair dryer that contains tourmaline is quite lightweight when compared to regular hair dryers.

One of the best tourmaline hair dryer brands is the T3 range of professional hair dryers. Particularly the T3 Bespoke Evolution is one hair blow dryer that people are extremely happy to use.

While tourmaline hair dryers are a bit more costly than other hair dryer types, in the long run they prove to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made regards to your hair and beauty. While the prices range between anything from $29-$250 or even more, you might be tempted to go with the cheapest option. Before buying though make sure to read all the user reviews on the brands that you are interested in and weight the cons and pros of each brand. Avoid going for something cheap that might be replaced in the next couple of months with something better. Go for a good quality that has been already tested by many others and proven to be excellent for your – and any – hair type.

T3 Hair Dryers

T3 has taken hair dryer design into the future with proprietary, patented technologies to dry and style hair faster, more evenly, and with a finish that is totally damage-free. See the full line of revolutionary T3 hair dryers. By synergizing two innovative technologies: patented Tourmaline infusion with Tourmaline SoftAire™ airflow management, T3 has achieved a beauty paradigm shift.

Every use of T3 dryers improves the condition of hair, leaving it silkier, smoother and luminously vibrant. Its special technology also eliminates the static electricity that causes flyaways.

The visionary hair dryers from T3 represent a major design rethink of the performance, look and inner architecture of the professional dryer. Conventional dryers use wattage, damaging heat and hurricane-like velocity to dry hair. See the T3 hair dryers that have made this old-fashioned process obsolete.

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