December 6, 2017

About Us

Thanks and Welcome to our website.

We enable adults who cannot live alone without various supports to participate in stimulating, interesting, and supervised activities at our center during daytime hours, while remaining in their own homes at night and weekends.  Individuals may attend a few days a month to five days a week.  This invaluable service helps the individual avoid nursing home placement.  It also increases the well being of the participant and allows them and their family caregiver needed time apart.

As your loved ones grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to protect the independence they have come to expect and enjoy. We are dedicated to ensuring your loved ones get home care assistance that maintains this independence.

We have evolved over a 30-year period. After dismantling a barn and building a very unique home from the salvaged materials, our founder, Bill Davis, developed a strong respect for these beautiful materials and the variety of potential they offered. His instincts then led him to begin a life-long pursuit that has provided him with a list of accomplishments as varied as the unique products he develops.

An elderly care is one where a trained and professional will help to look after your elderly loved one. This could be after your loved one is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, could be something that is a result of old age, or any health based care where your elderly loved one needs constant looking after and assistance.