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Mini fridges can be used in lots of places, here are some of the most common setups.

Dorm Mini Fridge

Every dorm rooms should have a mini fridge to keep energy drinks and a few food items cool. The convenience of having some food at your fingertips can be very useful during exam time. Size will be a consideration in this situation. Most dorm rooms are very small. If you have a roommate, consider sharing a mini fridge with them. Of course, this may nolead to arguments over its usage. With so many mini fridge freezers available in the market, choosing the best quality mini fridge is a daunting task.

Car Mini Fridge

Having a compact refrigerator in the car can make road trips just a bit more tolerable. It’s always nice to have a cool drink available during those long rides. Some cars now have built in mini fridge compartments. Of course, you can have your add a mini fridge to any car buy using a portable fridge. Make sure that your portable fridge can be powered by your cars AC adapter, and you’ll be good to go. Just don’t let leave the fridge running for too long while the car is off. The mini fridge may drain your cars battery.

Camping Mini Fridge

Camping is a place where portable fridges can come in handy. It may even be considered a camping necessity. If you’ll be out in the wilderness for more than a few days, you had better have a portable fridge with you or a store nearby!

Office Fridge

Most office workers like to save money by bringing in a lunch instead of buying out. Having an office fridge can be quite useful in this situation. You can store your leftovers in the compact refrigerator, the only issue is getting rid of other peoples old food and making room for yours.

Mini Fridge Freezer

If you’ve run out of room in your kitchen freezer, a mini fridge freezer may be just what you need. While most mini fridges have small compartments for freezing items, minifreezer’s are dedicated to keeping their contents frozen. Mini freezer sizes range from 1.7 cubic feet to 6.0 cubic feet. Anything larger would be considered a mid-sized freezer.

There are several styles of mini fridge freezer. Upright compact freezer swing open from their front. This type of freezer may be placed under a kitchen counter or left on their own. Upright mini fridge freezers make it easy to access all the contents of the freezer, and the necessity to place the freezer under a counter may make the upright mini freezer the only option available. On the other hand, compact chest freezers open from the top. These may have a larger foot print than the upright freezer, but they often do a better job of keeping the temperature consistent. It’s also hard to access the contents of the compact chest freezer, but since the freezer is small this may not be an issue.

It can be hard to find mini fridge freezers. The mini fridge freezer market is much smaller than the mini fridge market. So they are not always available at big box appliance stores. However, there are several well known manufacturers of compact freezers. Kenmore, Haier, Zanussi and Danby all manufacture mini fridge freezers. If you’re having trouble finding a mini fridge freezer, contact these manufactures and ask for a retailer near you.

Samsung RSH1DBBP Side Fridge Freezer

Be amazed at what this beautiful Side by Side Fridge Freezer has to offer. Beautiful is justified as it is crafted and elegantly finished in an unusual Empire black, fitting into to a kitchen with great ease and attraction. Give your kitchen a designer finish that it deserves, without sacrificing functionality and efficiency.

An American styled refrigerator such as the Samsung RSH1DBBP has a variety of different features and can be a fantastic addition to any home whether your a stylish conscientious household or a home with a large family requiring a Fridge Freezer to fulfil many needs and requirements.

RSH1DBBP – A good choice?

Looks are deceiving when it comes to this Samsung beauty, just because it looks pretty don’t let that let you forget the fact it is jam packed with features and modern perks making an American refrigerator an option hard to dismiss.

In this section you will find information about the many features on offer with this model, what they are and what to expect from them, extras such as twin cooling plus system to LED Tower Lighting. You can buy some of the best brands of fridge freezers here.

The Twin Cooling System on the Samsung RSJ1JEMH is a technology introduced by Samsung. Features you will find on many of the Side by Side range range. It works by keeping both the fridge and freezer compartments separate, making sure that cold air doesn’t transfer from the freezer into the fridge fluctuating the temperature, keeping a high humidity in the fridge of about 43%, ideal for food preservation.

With this design you will also get what is known as a multi flow system, which continually keeps the flow of air moving through the fridge via outlets on every shelf of the refrigerator. If the door has been left open for a longer period then normal, once the door is shut it works to get itself back to its optimal performance quickly and efficiently, keeping those stored goods in tip top condition.

LED tower lighting

Bearing in mind just how power efficient this large capacity American Fridge Freezer is considering how amazingly lit up in every inch of the compartments it is. You will never have to struggle in the dark ever again trying to find that late night snack in the middle of the night.

This is achieved by the Samsung LED tower lighting which you will find at the back of the fridge. This way it doesn’t just save on space, not taking up valuable storage space, but due to where the light originates from will light up every nook and cranny from the back outwards. This makes items easier to locate and identify, a small feature but very useful.

We’ll do our best to help you find the best deals for the Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RSH1DBBP. Find all the information you need and Compare all the best prices on-line with all the major stockists.

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